Once I open this link, I found it is very interesting. It is really well-designed, the outlook is extraordinary. They make the blog looks like ceramics path that every ceramic represents each issue that arise that time. The ceramics will turn and tell us more about the issues if we direct the pointer to those ceramic. Issues that written in this blog are about technology, art, architecture, interior, and many more.  For me, this blog gives us much info about what happen recently around the world.


2PM yeongwonhi



Taecyeon dan Junho 2PM telah datang bersama untuk mendukung sesama member 2PM, Chansung.

Taecyeon dan Junho baru saja menyelesaikan rekaman untuk OST untuk drama seri MBC, “7th Grade Civil Servant”.

Dinyanyikan oleh Junho dan menampilkan Taecyeon,

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