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As I did in the previous post, I will share other cool blogs that might help you figuring the meaning and benefit of creativity in our life.



This cool blog shares to us about how should we deliver a learning system for early-learning stage. Many of us think that creativity is all about art. But creativeoverflow.net refreshes our understanding of creativity. It said that “being creative is about finding innovative ways to solve problems, generating new ideas and finding ways to make things better to name a few”. Creativity also helps us enhancing student creativity may offer benefits academically, developmentally and emotionally. There are some games to gain children creativity,







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Need Idea? See This..


“Go some distance away because then the work appears smaller and more of it can be taken in at a glance and a lack of harmony and proportion is more readily seen.” — Leonardo Da Vinci

Well, you will welcomed by this cool tagline.

This is another cool blog i’ve found. The blog provide some examples and sophisticated ideas. Also about an interesting ideas that is generated by the bloggers. It is blog that let you brainstorm your idea with other ideas generalist by the forum they provide. 

Ideation, unlike creativity, is not a specialized activity. Ideativity and creativity are not the same thing. Ideas require a divergent, generalist approach (“a wide net”) while creative endeavours require the opposite: a convergent, specialist approach (“a deep drill”).

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Focal Point 2013!

Yap! It’s been confirmed! We are creating new event! It is a self-experience culinary event, it is dedicated to revitalize landmark around Bandung, Indonesia.



Hey pepo! Finally i’m back!

As 2012 has ended, is it really 2013? Don’t you all think time goes so fast? Alright, this time i’ll talk about some business that was predicted in early 2012. Now, we’re gonna take a look at it and will you realize it in 2013?

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 6.23.44 AM


Well, there the businessnewsdaily asked some small business owner what is nowadays (last year) trends and big ideas they think will be good business in 2012. They are mentioning some topics like technology, business, social media, and also digital marketing. These were several things they state,

  1. Gesture-recognition technology
  2. Local and mobile search
  3. Outsourcing IT functions
  4. Personalized business software
  5. Mobile learning
  6. Customized enterprise application stores
  7. Small business acquisition with bigger business
  8. No boundaries
  9. Cyberinsurance
  10. Proximity-based social networks
  11. Public/private partnerships
  12. Business rollups
  13. Strategic technology consulting
  14. Local and mobile search
  15. Social media for hiring
  16. Increased franchising
  17. Reputation reviews for business services
  18. The deals space will continue to expand
  19. Expense management of mobile applications
  20. “bolt-on” acquisitions
  21. Group incentivization
  22. Chinese companies become a force in global markets
  23. Understanding chatter
  24. More ad measurement
  25. Navigate the Web using voice command
  26. Consumer products and technologies
  27. Innovative workspace services
  28. Friction-free mobile-device management
  29. Disintegration of “channels.”
  30. loud-based documents and information resources.
  31. “Digital Coupon Book.”

Let’s review some of them, what is gesture-recognition technology? Well there is siri right? Ya, this is the application that more-technology than siri did. This innovative application use touch, movement, and input voice. Well, i think it can be realize by mixing the technology of X-box, siri, and smart phone already use, right?

Just like no boundaries means, the idea was about how we can do anything without going somewhere. This is really good idea that maybe already happened in Korea. In Korea, if you take the subway you will see a lot of ‘supermarket window in the waiting space, there the barcode and price will displayed. People in Korea love to ‘shop’ by using smartphone, so they just scanning the barcode and the things you like to buy is sent to your home, cool right?

Well, there’s still lots of ideas that may interested. For me, those two are the coolest one and also predict and happen in 2012. Well, is that any ideas that you think will come up for 2013 and 2014? Hope world get better soon, bye 🙂