After long-long time, here I back for reporting another cool blog only for you guys!

If you think that you need to go to  how to be creative, well you don’t need to! All you need to do is just visiting this to know how to be creative!

You don’t become a writer by simply thinking about writing a book.Similarly, you can’t become an artist if you’re not creating art.

There are much thing to read in this blog. In April 9th of 2013, the writer posts the article of “How to be Creative”. This article told us on how to be creative ion the right way (based on what the writer says). the writer said that to be an artist you should create artwork! But the question is how? 

“You become an artist by deciding that you are one. Then follow the long and hard process of convincing other people that you are one.” – Mario Klingemann

You should start try sell your artwork, either by selling it tangibly or intangibly. The writer said that there are many online shop way to sell your artwork. People around you, even you yourself will find that yourself is an artist right? 

After that, the second way the writer said is to teach others about artwork. It can be done by guest-speaking in school or provide workshop online. the writer said that they don’t have to love your work, they just need to know it. 

Last but not least the writer said that you need keep making an artwork! Enjoy pepo!




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