Some people may have addicted to the fashion industry, both for West and East people. Nowadays it is become more popular due to the power of communication channel development, right? Well, maybe for some people who has interested in business and fashion have thought about opening a fashion business, right? But as we know, that for keep ahead form other competitor you should understand the trending topic in fashion. How to keeping up with the latest trend or even being trendsetter?

title provides a suite of trend services and products designed to help you translate the latest fashion and lifestyle trends into best sellers. conduct trend workshops for businesses and styling workshops for fashion-loving individuals. They are the first trend forecasting agency to bring fashion trends to consumers via their Trendstop TrendTracker mobile app, and the first trend forecasting agency to introduce professional fashion trend forecasting for the iPad in native iPad format.

They have some kind of value that they have hold for helping their member:

1. Translating trends into sales.

2. Accurate trend intelligence

3. Influencer approach

4. Relevant trend hand picked for you

5. Hands-on trend direction

6. Trend that matter to you

Well, they are my review for For you who are interesting in fashion, do visit them!


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